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Web Development

We create interactive websites with animation and mobile friendly sites. With HTML5 and other platform we are no longer just restricted to static web pages.

Online Marketing

Weather its social media or google Adwords we can help you target your products/services to the right people.

Embedded system

We have experience of combination of a computer processor, computer memory, and input/output peripheral devices creation


GDPR is enforceable by law and affects everyone who sells or provides services to EEA nationals. You must have proper procedures and systems in place.

Cloud Service

Using the latest hardware we provide robust and scalable packages. Goto to our parent website : monkeymagiccloud.com


Mobile App

More and more people are using there Mobiles, so it has become critical to have mobile Apps to tap into this new opportunities.


Tailored made software using the latest and most relevant platform to build your required programs.

Internet of Things

Connecting everyday object to the internet. From a light bulb to remote farming machinery.

Big Data

With increase business comes more data. Don't waste the data, use it to your advantages. Contact us for solutions.

Video blogging

We can create interactive videos/animation to use on your website or social media.

Crypto ledger / token

We can create your own bitcoins or tokens, weather its ICO or IEO, contact us..

Artificial intelligence AI

If you have complex problems with large data inputs, then we can come up with solutions using AI.


Weather you have a production line or some repetitive work, it can all be automated.


Online gaming with 3D virtual environments or a mobile app gaming, we have the developers. contact us to discuss your ideas.

Augmented reality AR

AR is now used in Hospital to mobile app gaming. Contact us to see how you can take advantage of this new tech.

2D / 3D animation

We can script, storyboard and create 2D /3D animation for your business or story. 

Web Hosting

Want a simple one website space or a dedicated web server we can provide you with a right package for you business. Please goto our parent website monkeymagiccloud.com


Domain Registration

Search and register your domain name on our site. Simple automated process. Please goto our parent website monkeymagiccloud.com


eMail facility

We have number of packages to store your work emails with the confident of strong security. Please goto our parent website monkeymagiccloud.com


Cyber security

Today the biggest threat to companies on online theft and scams. We can help you safeguard your intellectual property and data. For simple ssl please goto our parent website monkeymagiccloud.com


our company is here toguide you

Our top consultant will review and research to ascertain your requirements and needs. That in hand we will inject over 25 year of experience to provide you with the best solutions for you needs.