Power of AI on your website!

Have you heard about ChatGPT’s recent takeover and the hundreds of millions of users flocking to their AI platform to take advantage of its incredible informed info and functions? While this may be good news for ChatGPT, it could mean missed opportunities for your own website or platform.

To prevent your existing customers and potential customers going onto AI platforms and other websites to carry out AI help, we here at Monkey magic cloud are offering a VERY low-price package to plug your website into the leading AI servicers. This will allow your customers to access the same technology and tools of the world’s leading AI all within your platform/website.

With our expertise, we can help you create a state-of-the-art AI assistant to enhance your customer experience and streamline your operations. We have successfully assisted numerous clients in offering AI on their website or platform.

Here are some areas where we can create an AI assistant for you:

  • Q&A: Simplify your frequently asked questions (FAQs) and Q&A.
  • Messages: Automatically convert your voice messages into text.
  • Operations: Enhance your customer support chatbots to answer questions and promote your products, including generating cross-sell leads.
  • Legal: Help your customers draft and review legal documents, such as contracts and legal letters.
  • HR: Allow your customers to create employment documents and letters.
  • Sales: Help potential clients/ customers understand technical products and jargon and select the best products.
  • Customer Care: Allow your customers to summarize lengthy emails or documents.

At Monkey Magic Cloud, we can integrate the AI with your existing website or platform, or create a bespoke website, platform, and mobile app tailored to your needs. Don’t wait to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to stay ahead of the competition and offer cutting-edge AI services to your customers for a very small price.

Contact us at info@monkeymagiccloud.co.uk / 07713982141 for an initial FREE consultation today.

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