What Is Web 3.0 & Why is it Important?

Have you noticed how Google Maps predicts the estimated time of your arrival more and more precisely? How has Siri become better and better at understanding your requests? Have you ever bought Cryptocurrency or NFT? ┬áMaybe you know someone who has. All these technologies are a small glimpse of the upcoming Web 3.0 – the newest iteration of the Web based on technologies such as blockchain and machine learning.

The web is standing for “World Wide Web,” which is the primary information retrieval mechanism on the internet. Terms the Web and the Internet can often be used interchangeably. In the history of the Internet, we had 2 phases of its evolution. The original Web 1.0. was the very first version of the Internet that lasted from 1991 till 2004. Web 2.0. is the current version of the Web that we all are familiar with. Web 3 or Web 3.0 is the next step in the evolution of the Internet. Let’s take a deeper dive into the Web’s history to get a better understanding of what’s to come next and look at the opportunities and challenges that Web 3.0 creates.

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